Friday, September 17, 2010

Strolling through Carytown

We went to Carytown the week-end before last.  It's a street here in the downtown area of Richmond, about 9 blocks long with all kinds of specialty stores, clothes, toys, collectibles, vintage etc., lots of restaurants and some cafes.  A pretty cool place just to stroll along and window shop, sit in a sidewalk cafe and just people watch.   Some things are quite expensive there, but I managed to find something to buy. ;)

In one of the stores I found all this "Hello Kitty" stuff and I just had to get something.  I got this cute tote bag.  The saleslady said, that they had just come in a few days before and are for the 50th anniversary of Sanrio.  Ok, I was already sold on it anyways.
Then I saw this awesome journal and had to get that too.  There is something about journals and cute note pads and things like that, I just love to get, not that I'm really that big of a writer.  I really should start to keep a journal,  and what greater inspiration, than jotting down some of my thoughts into this cool one. 

Also found a store with some great postcards and of course I couldn't resist getting them. It's pretty difficult to find any cards here, other than touristic ones and I'm always on the look-out for cards now, it's become an addiction lol. I especially love the tin with the "Sweet Treats" cards. Soooo pretty with glitter!!!
They really had some awesome stuff there and so much to look at. It took me almost an hour to look through the entire store.  There was some really beautiful stationary and other writing paper and envelopes, but quite expensive, so I chose to get the postcards instead.  Maybe next time I'll get something else!

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  1. I have the kitty postcards too, aren't they cute?! And the Sweet Treats cards are so pretty... If you still have a few to spare, we could do a swap? Let me know if you'd be interested! :)